The Western Narrative on Syria (and pretty much everything else) is a facade - by Jeff Fitchett

Nothing is as it seems.  We are being lied to by our governments and the media.  Like minded people feel the same and appreciate that an information war has been going on for decades.  Our beliefs and thoughts are shaped on a daily basis by individuals bankrupt of ethics and values.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Most people just want to go about their day living a healthy and happy existence.  A very small percentage of our population is hell bent on destroying lives all in an effort to maximize profits, gain power and dictate what transpires globally.

We the people remain subdued because of the constant barrage of distractions we face.  It takes effort to ignore the bullshit and dig into what is really happening.  It often seems futile to think about how we can change the course of the direction humanity is going.  Each of us can only control our own actions.  Nobody is perfect, but we each can strive to unplug from the matrix in our own unique way.

It is imperative to not give up and raise a white flag in surrender.  Unhitching ourselves from the system that is destroying us is an arduous task, but it is also a fruitful endeavour.  The joy and sense of accomplishment is worth the effort in time.

The wars being waged by the West will be the undoing of Western domination.  The policies instituted by the maniacs running the show are becoming ridiculous to say the least.  You have to ask yourself; "who are they kidding?"  The truth is sitting out in the open for anyone to see who is willing to see.  It is all a facade that is slowly breaking down.  Obama receiving the Nobel Peace prize is a farce.

People are beginning to question why our governments are instigating policies in far off places that are leaving us worse off in our home countries as the social fabric that has kept us together is unravelling.  The West is plodding down a path that will lead to a 3rd world existence.

Resources are being wasted for what? Death and destruction? An inflection point is coming and the outcome will be surreal.

Listen to Bashar Ja’afari and US Peace Council Representatives on Syria

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