A day in the life - by Jeff Fitchett

As each day comes and goes the world trudges along a path that is leading to significant trouble.  At each turn, systems are breaking down.  Decision makers in government and in the corporate world are focused on short term gains.  Some of these individuals understand that time is running thin and they are taking advantage by grabbing the last scraps from a world that is buckling under the weight of a failed civilization.  Most people are unaware of how perilous our situation is and they continue to whistle past the grave yard as they go about their day.

People in positions of power and authority strive to belittle any factual points that stray from the official narrative.  Obama's statement, about anyone who says that the US economy is not strong is peddling fiction, is one of the most flagrant examples of an authority figure misleading the public.

Denigrating a person's view or belief system is a common practice from individuals that strive to take from others.  The financial industry is one of the most rapacious sectors of our economy today.  The official meme is that we are in a new normal whereby central bankers manage the economy by injecting trillions of low or negative interest rate dollars into the system in an effort to keep the popular belief system intact.

Sadly, the masses are unaware and rally around false prophets that promise hope and change.  The final outcome is predictable because we can look at history as our guide.  Populations throughout the ages have suffered similar situations when empires collapse, wars break out and famine occurs.

There are many examples of how the changing world will impact each of us.  Venezuela is in the midst of experiencing societal collapse.  Many resource rich countries, like Venezuela, will suffer the same fate.  

Our way of life is predicated on debt.  Debt gives us the illusion that we are prosperous and infallible.   The end of the line is upon us.  How much proof is required for the masses to understand this point? Truthfully, it doesn't matter what others think.  What is important is your understanding and what you do about it.  

Furthermore, too often we focus on trivial aspects of life and miss the good stuff that is love, relationships and tranquility.  There is so much more to living than being absorbed with economic conditions, presidential races and consumer materialism.  

We each have one kick at the can in life.  Take a step back and reflect on what is truly important and blaze a path that reflects a life that is worth living.  

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